Case Study

Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Shortly after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Springhead was asked to help lead disaster relief efforts with the Salvation Army’s World Service Office. Embracing cultural and language barriers, the Salvation Army team built a 250-person organization, hiring men and women who had not had a job in years. We coached the on job skills, work ethic and accountability. The Salvation Army’s unique approach enabled this team to construct over 600 shelters in six weeks time — that was over 10% of the total number of shelters built in Haiti to that date in far less time than other aid organizations dreamed possible.

Specifically, Springhead’s role was to help oversee the warehouse, assembling materials into “build kits”, and distributing the materials to th job sites. As you can imagine, this was a life changing experience as we provided homes to families. However, the most significant change was with the men and women that we hired. As they served their fellow countrymen, we saw them transform from hopeless to hope givers!


  • C-Level Advisory
  • Execution Leadership
  • Product Strategy