Leadership Team

Greg Siefert

Greg Siefert

Founder and President

Greg is a seasoned executive and consultant who has delivered world-class business and technology solutions to leading companies across a number of industries. From startups to Fortune 100 organizations, his focus on the customer has enabled him to successfully deliver engaging, game-changing solutions to organizations such as ChaCha, AutoTrader.com, the NCAA, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Eli Lilly, Cummins, & Aon.


With 15+ years experience leading consulting firms, Greg built Springhead based on a simple idea: that how  we deliver the service is every bit as important as what  we deliver.  This idea, coupled with a consuming passion to make a positive difference in every life that we touch led to the formation of a truly unique consulting firm.

Greg is a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, customer experience & business growth.  Additionally Greg serves on a handful of boards and is active in his local church. He currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife and four wonderful daughters.